September 21, 2016

It’s been so long that I almost forgot how to blog. Almost. ;P

It is with joy (and my heart going pitter-patter) that I come back with news that SSE is expanding and seeking interns! If you, or anyone around you have an interest in learning the ropes of event planning and have the following qualities listed below, please email me a resume with a short explanation of WHY you want to be an event planner to Oh, and tell me some of your favorite things. I want know YOU!


I am not looking for someone who’s going to be around for a few months then launch their own business or go seek internship elsewhere. I am looking for someone who will invest their time, energy, effort, and love in growing with Simply Sera Events…someone who will be with my current team and myself for the long run (forever! jk)…someone that I will invest MY time in training and teaching how to be an event planner, a business owner, and leader.

The ideal candidate would be:

  • self-driven and motivated
  • love parties and weddings
  • love arts & crafts & DIY projects
  • able to commit many weekends to events
  • able to drive
  • quick learner
  • problem solver
  • detail oriented
  • artistic eye & sense of style
  • hard worker
  • people person
  • happy, friendly, and nice 🙂

No experience with event planning is necessary. That’ll come when you join SSE. 🙂

So help spread the news! Applications will be accepted until MONDAY, OCTOBER 13TH. 

Good luck!!