2014 Recap

September 21, 2016

Here we are, at the end of 2014. I am a bit ashamed that I did not blog more (sorry!) but it’s been a crazy jam packed year that’s been go go go! But, it did not disappoint; SSE had the opportunity to be a part of over 20 weddings and events! Shall we take a short trip down memory lane? 😉

How adorable is Eric and his expression when he see’s his bride, Mandy for the first time? Priceless! You know their marriage is going to be full of laughter, fun times, and sweet surprises. Eric, also serenaded a surprised Mandy during their reception. 😉 Thank you Emily + Steven Photography for the photos!


I have been tremendously blessed to have worked with some amazing couples, but Cindy and James will always hold a special place in my heart. What initially started off as a semi-planning journey turned into a full-planning process filled with banana milk, ginger candy, serious LAUGH-OUT-LOUD texts and emails, meetings that always involved good food, and so much more that all led up to 2-day / 14+ hours wedding set up, 2 venues, 200 guests, and a wedding that blew everyone’s mind. I’ll post about this special wedding in the new year, but let’s just say it’s one for the books. 😀

Thank you Linda Arrendondo for these breathtaking pictures.


So we bid farewell to 2014 and get ready to embrace 2015. There are MANY changes coming…both personally and professional to SSE (if you’re following me on Instagram, you know! *wink*). I hope to be more intentional in 2015 = more intentional with my clients and their SSE experience, more intentional with the weddings I take on, more intentional with my time and how I invest it with family, church, and friends, and most importantly, how I live my life as a living testimony as a daughter of Christ as a wife, daughter, sister, friend, leader, business owner…and a soon-to-be-mom. EEH! 😀

I wish you all the happiness, blessings, and health for 2015! See you next year!